Facebook’s refreshed Access Your Information tool provides a better breakdown of your data

Facebook introduced its Access Your Information tool back in 2018, allowing users to see what data that the social media platform has gathered about them. Zuckerberg and company have used what they’ve learned in the past three years to refresh the tool with a better breakdown of your data, as well as a visual makeover.

Access Your Information now has eight categories, up from two: Your Activity Across Facebook, Friends and Followers, Preferences, Personal Information, Logged Information, Ads Information, Apps and Websites Off of Facebook, and Security and Login Information. This should allow users to more easily find the type of data they’re looking for. Search functionality is new, and should further help make using the tool more painless. Lastly, Facebook has also added information on how your data was used to “personalize your experience” (read: show you ads); an example of your primary location being used to explain why a food delivery ad was shown is given.

The updated tool is live now on the iOS and Android Facebook apps; Facebook says it’ll hit other platforms soon. If you’re curious what Facebook knows about you, it’s worth a look.

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